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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter

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A mystery of the quaintest order

Come over here, gentle reader. There is someone I’d like you to meet. Two people, actually. One of them is Elisabeth Grace Foley, one of my talented and wonderful indie author friends.  (Why yes, I do have a lot of nice friends, thank you for noticing.)  The second person doesn’t actually exist, but I think you’ll like meeting her just the same.  I know I quite enjoy her company.  She’s a sweet but sharp-minded dear old lady.  She tells the most delightful little tales about a quaint little town from a quaint time that has a habit of being rifled … read more »


A bulwark never failing…

Ahh, today is one of those joyous occasions where one of my precious darlings becomes a published author.  Today is also one of those joyous occasions where another book I formatted gets published and I have rights to brag about my credits.  Hooray, two reasons to party!  Break out the cupcakes!  (No, midnight is not too late to be eating cupcakes, thank you.)

This past month my dear friend and fellow Holy Worlder Faith Blum published her first book, A Mighty Fortress, the first in a series of Westerns.  Naturally when she started planning a blog tour in honor of the occasion, I jumped … read more »


Can’t say I didn’t warn you

I’ve come to the conclusion that if the world is going to crumble into dystopia, it will be for lack of preparedness.

You think with all the dystopian novels floating around lately that people would have taken the hint.  I mean, pretty much every teen on the planet has read The Hunger Games or some such thing.  Why hasn’t the next generation taken it into their hands to prevent the collapse of society?  This is our future; only we can change the tides of disaster.  Why then do we persist in ignoring the growing problem all around us?

I’m not talking … read more »

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