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Aubrey Hansen

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Join the resistance!

Yes, yes, I’m hosting yet another guest post.  Don’t blame me–blame all my friends who done went off and published new books all at once!  What’s with them, eh?  Is this some kind of fashionable trend I don’t know about?  I should probably jump on the bandwagon just to be safe, right?

So who’s got the spotlight today, you ask?  None other than Jaye L. Knight, one of the most successful indie authors I have had the honor of making a personal acquaintance of.

What?  I’m serious!  Have you seen that girl’s library of published books?  She’s got two complete … read more »


Playing favorites

When one hosts a guest post on one’s blog, it is usually customary to write a pleasant little introduction, enticing the viewer to read the post.  If at all possible, one should introduce the author of the guest post, make him or her look good, and link to their book’s website and various social media like Facebook and Twitter.  It doesn’t need to be very long or very elaborate–after all, you want the guest post to shine–but it’s your duty as a good hostess to set the stage.

Sadly, in this case, I feel woefully inadequate to write such an … read more »


A mystery of the quaintest order

Come over here, gentle reader. There is someone I’d like you to meet. Two people, actually. One of them is Elisabeth Grace Foley, one of my talented and wonderful indie author friends.  (Why yes, I do have a lot of nice friends, thank you for noticing.)  The second person doesn’t actually exist, but I think you’ll like meeting her just the same.  I know I quite enjoy her company.  She’s a sweet but sharp-minded dear old lady.  She tells the most delightful little tales about a quaint little town from a quaint time that has a habit of being rifled … read more »

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