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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter


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Peter's Angel

In the wake of a lost War for Independence, Peter Jameson, a young colonel, struggles to protect his tiny patriot state of Rhode Island from the oppression of New Britain, the wealthy British duchy.

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Win a copy of my first feature film!

If you checked out the Kickstarter  for my upcoming feature film project Child (if you didn’t, well, that just makes me sad…), you might have noticed something a little bit unusual: None of the rewards include a copy of the finished movie.  Although this breaks my heart (let’s just say, I wanted to offer copies), my stuffy old director refused, because giving away copies of the DVD could impact future distribution deals.  So while we need to keep those options open for now, rest assured that the backers will be the first to know where and when the movie is available!

That being … read more »


You can be a part of my next project!

You can be a part of my next project!  Literally.  I don’t mean “you can be a part of” like you can just read the book (although there will be a book to read!) or participate in a blog tour (although there is a link you can share!), but like you can actually have a part in my next project.

Hopefully y’all have heard by now, but if not, allow me to scream in your ear:  I’m filming my first feature in October!

This is an exciting adventure for me.  I’ve had several scripts produced by other people, but this is … read more »


Cue the music…

It doesn’t take a whole lot of convincing to get me to read a fairytale retelling, but Hope Ann’s imagined “mirror world” where the soul of people translates itself into light, color, and music is a pretty good hook.

I hadn’t actually read the first book in the series when I signed up to review the second–although I will be reading it now, because it’s free on Amazon!–but everything is explained well enough in the second book that I wasn’t confused.  I liked that it took several chapters before the fairytale parallels became apparent; as much as I love … read more »

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