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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter


Red Rain

17-year-old Philadelphia has been imprisoned most of her life because of her Christian beliefs. When her father is sent to Mars against his will to work on a mysterious science project and a benevolent official allows her to accompany him, Philadelphia knows she must keep her head down or be sent back to prison on Earth. But when she stumbles into the wrong hallway and accidentally learns too much, Philadelphia is faced with a question she doesn’t want to answer: the choice between returning to Earth—or destroying it.
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Project 74

Ephesus is a talented young scientist who has spent the last several years of his life in prison for his Christian beliefs. When he is personally summoned to Mars to work for a prestigious governor, who promises his family’s release in exchange for providing a formula needed to complete an important project, Ephesus thinks he may have found his ticket to freedom. But when the project becomes progressively more sinister—and his enigmatic overseer refuses to answer questions—Ephesus begins to wonder if the offer is too good to be true.
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99 Plot Prompts for 99c

99 Zombie Plot Prompts - r1 ebook

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