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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter


Offering affordable editing, layout, and cover design for indie authors.

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Peter's Angel

In the wake of a lost War for Independence, Peter Jameson, a young colonel, struggles to protect his tiny patriot state of Rhode Island from the oppression of New Britain, the wealthy British duchy.

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Join the Red Rain blog tour!

Psst, I’ll let you in on a secret… I’m in the process of putting together an updated special edition of my first novel Red Rain.  It will include a preview of the upcoming sequel (gasp), instructions on how you can get the prequel short story Project 74 for free (score), and a brand new cover (eep).   To generate buzz for the series, Red Rain will be FREE on Kindle from June 2-6.  There will also be a giveaway running during the promotion–three lucky readers will win the special edition paperback!

Go ahead and mark your calendars, but let me tell you another … read more »


A time capsule from 14-year-old Aubrey…

Ever wondered how Aubrey discovered her love of editing and formatting?  If you did, bless your heart and wonder no longer!  While spelunking in the outer recesses of my old hard drives, I discovered the perfectly preserved remains of my first and only home-published magazine.

Oh yes, I had my very own magazine when I was a teenager. All the cool homeschooled girls were doing it in the early 2000s.  No really, they were.  Just ask any homeschooled girl from that era; most of us could name at least 5 friends/pen-pals who had a magazine, including ourselves.

Mine started out like … read more »


Erde World-building: Fire

Once upon a time, Aubrey got it in her head that she should try world-building–thorough, in-depth world-building on the level of Lord of the Rings and other fantasy masterpieces.  So she came up with the idea for Erde, a fantasy world where “everything fades as it ages.”  As human hair fades into white and gray as it ages, so does everything in Erde lose its color as it ages–from the rocks, to spoiled food, to trees, to human skin.

Being a more direct writer by nature, this level of world-building was foreign to Aubrey.  However, she found it quite enjoyable; therefore, … read more »

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