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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter

Plans (Poem)

When you open a puzzle

for the first time,

there are

          p          i

          e                    c          e




No order at all.


But you sort them out,

and soon you find your first match.


          One piece,

                    two piece,



Before long you have the border framed.

You know the boundaries,

so you start to fill in the middle.


          One piece,

                    two piece,



Sections of the picture form—

but then—

things get confusing.


Gaping                     holes that won’t fill.


An annoying




that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.


You begin to wonder

if you’ll ever finish.


          Maybe this is                    a waste

                    of time.


          Maybe           you’re




But you keep working.


          One piece,

                    two piece,



And suddenly,

you’re almost done


The holes fill rapidly.


Three piece,

two piece,



Your puzzle is complete.


You admire the big picture,

made of so many tiny pieces…


and you realize,

that no matter how fast

or slow

you worked,

you only ever put together

one piece

at a time.

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