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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter

Gunsmoke (Poem)

Do you remember

how we used to take over the living room with LEGOs

and our sagas would last for weeks?

—Remember when a book fell on our castle and knocked it down?


Yeah, and it smeared that one figure’s face. We renamed him after that.


What about playing Mario Kart

and how we’d repeatedly borrow the same cartridge from the library

so we wouldn’t lose our save file?

—Remember when you tried to teach me Smash Bros?


Yeah, that was funny. It didn’t go very well.


I wasn’t all bad at “boys games”…

remember playing Hot Wheels,

and how we’d cover your bedroom floor in a massive network of those plastic roadways?

—Remember when I won that exclusive set of cars? You were so jealous.


Yeah, I still am.


What about watching PBS together…

remember when 9-11 happened

and you ran to Mom yelling about someone flying a plane into a tower?

—Remember how she was mad at first because she thought you’d changed the channel?


Yeah, it’s still hard to believe we both lived through that.


It’s weird to think how old we’re getting…

remember when we were small enough to sit at the “kiddie table” at Thanksgiving

and we made those kinda gross “turkey cookies” every year?

—Remember how scary Grandma’s basement used to be?


Yeah, but it was worth the rugburns for their vintage Nintendo system.


Now to think we’re in college,

well, you’re graduated…

did Mom push you to get such good grades, or did you do that yourself?

—You know, I used to think you were Mom’s favorite because of your GPA.


Is that why you’re so obsessed with your grades now?


I don’t know.




Hey, little brother.




We have so many colorful memories…




Why did you decide to make your last one a gunshot?


(Poem based on true events.)

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