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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter


14 days left to support my first feature film!

Hello, beloved readers!  There’s 14 days left in the Kickstarter campaign for my first feature, and here’s what you need to know…

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding platform; if we don’t reach our goal of $5,000 by midnight on September 13th, we won’t receive any funds. The funds from the Kickstarter will be used to fly Claudia Wells (Back to the Future) and Christopher Showerman (Supergirl) in from LA to star in the film, as well as pay for hiring Dan Ayers as our DP.  Having these two key actors and a professional Director of Photography will be a huge boost to our production and … read more »


Win a copy of my first feature film!

UPDATE 8/26: With less than 20 days in the campaign, we’ve upped the ante! The grand prize now includes an official movie poster, and we’ve added two second-place prizes: a digital copy of the soundtrack, and an official movie poster. We’ve also added more ways to enter and win. You can now enter five different ways for a total of 14 possible entries per day!

If you checked out the Kickstarter  for my upcoming feature film project Child (if you didn’t, well, that just makes me sad…), you might have noticed something a little bit unusual: None of the rewards include a … read more »


You can be a part of my next project!

You can be a part of my next project!  Literally.  I don’t mean “you can be a part of” like you can just read the book (although there will be a book to read!) or participate in a blog tour (although there is a link you can share!), but like you can actually have a part in my next project.

Hopefully y’all have heard by now, but if not, allow me to scream in your ear:  I’m filming my first feature in October!

This is an exciting adventure for me.  I’ve had several scripts produced by other people, but this is … read more »


Cue the music…

It doesn’t take a whole lot of convincing to get me to read a fairytale retelling, but Hope Ann’s imagined “mirror world” where the soul of people translates itself into light, color, and music is a pretty good hook.

I hadn’t actually read the first book in the series when I signed up to review the second–although I will be reading it now, because it’s free on Amazon!–but everything is explained well enough in the second book that I wasn’t confused.  I liked that it took several chapters before the fairytale parallels became apparent; as much as I love … read more »


How do I use this thing?

You know that awkward, frustrating, but vaguely hilarious moment when your grandma attempts to use Facebook for the first time?

Yeah, I just had one of those moments.

True confession: I’m twenty-five, and I’ve never been in front of a camera.  I’ve never made a YouTube video, I’ve never used SnapCat, and I’ve never live-streamed.

At least, not until tonight.

Tonight, after more than ten minutes of attempting to psych myself up, I made a Periscope livestream for the first time.

It was awkward, and shaky, and the audio isn’t very loud, but I did get some nice comments.  Of … read more »


A Love to Come Home To

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not much for romance.  It’s mainly because most romance novels follow a formula and lack the same eye-catching hooks that lure me into other genres.  Take, for example, dystopian.  The genre follows a formula as well, but the hooks–What if the world were divided into factions? What if teens fought to the death in gladiator games?–are what entice me to explore each new reincarnation.

Most romance lacks such unique hooks.  Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, or maybe “she’s a doctor and he’s a serial killer” just isn’t enough tension for me.  But … read more »


Colonial Christmas in July!

Contrary to popular opinion, the fact that I haven’t posted on my blog in several weeks does not mean I have not had anything to report.  Actually, it’s more like I’ve had so much to report that I haven’t had time to report any of it.  Or something like that.  Basically, I will have updates from two exciting new projects in the next few weeks, so be prepared to go from 0 to 60 very fast!

In the meantime, I thought I would give you your Christmas present early.  Yes, I’m giving y’all a Christmas present this year–yes, I already have … read more »


Get Red Rain FREE on Kindle! Also, giveaway!

The big day has finally arrived!  Starting today, my first novel Red Rain is FREE on Kindle!  Download it here.  The promotion runs through Monday.

But wait, there’s more!  (You knew that was coming.)

This is the brand-new second edition of the book, which includes a preview of the sequel (coming late 2016) and instructions on how to get Project 74, the prequel short story, for free. Two free books for the nonexistent price of one! Faith Blum is hosting a blog tour to promote the sale–which means new excerpts and interviews will be posted daily.  There’s also a giveaway; three lucky people will win the … read more »


Erde World-building: Day, Time, & Calendar

Once upon a time, Aubrey got it in her head that she should try world-building–thorough, in-depth world-building on the level of Lord of the Rings and other fantasy masterpieces.  So she came up with the idea for Erde, a fantasy world where “everything fades as it ages.”  As human hair fades into white and gray as it ages, so does everything in Erde lose its color as it ages–from the rocks, to spoiled food, to trees, to human skin.

Being a more direct writer by nature, this level of world-building was foreign to Aubrey.  However, she found it quite enjoyable; therefore, … read more »


Join the Red Rain blog tour!

Psst, I’ll let you in on a secret… I’m in the process of putting together an updated special edition of my first novel Red Rain.  It will include a preview of the upcoming sequel (gasp), instructions on how you can get the prequel short story Project 74 for free (score), and a brand new cover (eep).   To generate buzz for the series, Red Rain will be FREE on Kindle from June 2-6.  There will also be a giveaway running during the promotion–three lucky readers will win the special edition paperback!

Go ahead and mark your calendars, but let me tell you another … read more »