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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter

Book Formatting and Kindle Conversion

One of the most rewarding things about being a self-published author is helping other self-published authors get their book out into the world. (In fact, sometimes I think I’d rather help you with your book than work on mine… *glares at WIP*) We’re all in this together, and every time one of us releases a well-written, beautifully-designed book, we raise readers’ confidence in self-published work and improve the market, bringing in more sales for everyone.

That’s why, ever since I released my first book, I’ve been helping other authors get their book published. My specialty is interior formatting–I love designing beautiful paperback layouts and converting books for Kindle. Just like a cover, the layout of a book makes an important impression on readers. If your book is poorly designed (or just plain ugly), readers will assume your writing is amateur. And if your Kindle book is broken, readers will be quick to leave a bad review or even ask for a refund. A professional layout is something no author can afford to skip.

But doing a Google search for “interior formatting” will leave you lost in a sea of overpriced, impersonal companies. One well-known POD service charges $200 to format your book into one of ten templates–not even an original design! Another major company estimates that adding interior formatting to your POD order will raise the price by about $400–for a 200 page book! Still other established companies start at $150 or more just for ebook conversion. In other words, finding an affordable designer that will give you personalized treatment–not just run your book through a template–can be a big headache.

That’s why I got into the formatting business. Not only is it a flexible way for me to pay for school (because what else can you do at 2am while you’re balancing 24 credits?), but it’s a way for me to give back to the author community. Every time I format a book, I know I’m not only helping an author but also inspiring a few readers, too. When a reader opens a book and sees a beautiful, professional layout, I know they’ll keep reading–and that means the author can keep writing.

If you need help designing your book or converting your title for Kindle, check out my business website under elfinpen designs. (Note that I do business under my legal name, Rachel Greene.) My pricing is straightforward, so for most projects you don’t have to ask for a quote. (Don’t you hate that?) You can submit your order today using the simple form on my website, and I can have your book formatted within a week–less if you’re crunching deadlines!

I look forward to working with you. Let’s get your book published!

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