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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter

99 Plot Prompts for 99c

Is your writing feeling washed up and dried out? Are you searching for the perfect idea for your next blockbuster? Or are you fighting with–dare I say it–writer’s block? Whether you’re looking for a fresh idea for a new book or need a creative jolt to revive a stalled project, this series is for you! A great value with a catchy title, 99 Plot Prompts for 99c is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Each book in the series delivers 99 original plot prompts on a theme. These aren’t your typical one-off plot prompts, either; each idea is accompanied by a full paragraph of further discussion, bonus ideas, and sample plots. And the best part? Every idea is freely licensed under the Creative Commons, so you can use the inspiration any way you like, even commercially.

Check out all the titles in the series below.

99 Zombie Plot Prompts - r1 ebook