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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter


Got something to say?  Spit it out!  I welcome your comments, feedback, and questions, and feel free to drop by just to chat. You can email me at [email protected]  If you need to get a hold of me quickly or want to yell at me for not answering your email, try Facebook or Twitter (@elfinpen).

Interested in selling my books, or have another sales or promotion opportunity you want to discuss with me?  I’ll bargain with you if you email me at [email protected].

Copyright notice: Some of the writing posted on this site is fictional. Any similarities to actual events or real persons, living or dead, are merely coincidental. All text is © by Aubrey Hansen unless otherwise noted. All photos © by Aubrey Hansen unless otherwise noted, except in the case of cover art and movie stills used in reviews, which are copyright of their respective owners. All rights reserved.