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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter


For information on my upcoming feature-length magical realism romcom Child, click here!

the Balcony

original script, produced by Phantom Moose Films – semi-finalist in the 2016 Christian Worldview Film Festival!


Month of the Novel, Season 2, Episode 3: “A Whole New World”

original script, written for Phantom Moose Films

A House for Marge

original script, written for Phantom Moose Films

My Dear Ralph

adaptation of a short story by O. Henry, written for Spoon Gap Media — semi-finalist in the 2013 SAICFF!

The Creation in 15 Seconds

original stop-motion animation

Handful of Coins

original script, written for Adamant Motion Pictures

Hatful of Coins poster

Looking for more? Check out my portfolio for a complete list of my film credits.