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Aubrey Hansen

Author & Screenwriter

Interior Formatting Services

Announcement:  The formatting business has moved!  We have a new name, a new site, and a new line-up of services.  Check out our new website at:  (Old polices and prices featured on this page are no longer valid; new prices and polices available at the link above.)

Are you a writer with a book ready for publishing? I can format it for you!

Having a professional, readable interior is one of the best ways you can give your book a boost in this competitive marketplace.  Readers judge books by their covers,  but the battle doesn’t stop there–a book with a messy or boring interior is not only difficult to read, but it can pose a huge turn-off for potential buyers.  Nothing screams “indie!!” like an ebook that looks like it got eaten and regurgitated by your Kindle.  Properly formatting your interior will put your book a step ahead of the rest–and save you the headache of arguing with cryptic submission errors from Createspace.

That’s where I come in.  After going around the block a few times with self-publishing, I’ve learned how to make the innards of books sit still and look pretty, and I actually enjoy the slightly messy process. So if you have a book that needs formatting and you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t feel like messing with it, or are running into a problem, let me help!

Services:  I specialize in ebooks optimized for Kindle and print-ready PDFs for Createspace.  If you’re using a different printer or distributor, I would be happy to work with your specifications.  For ebooks, I reformat the book from the ground up, producing a clean file that translates smoothly across devices.  For print books, I give each project a complete custom redesign; I do not use any premade templates for my work.  I will look at the style of your book and design a unique template, complete with custom fonts, that shows off your book’s personality.  Of course, if you have specific ideas for the design of your book, I would love to help you make those dreams a reality!

The finished files that I submit to you will be ready to upload and publish with no additional work on your part.  Reasonable revisions are allowed.  I will also include my master files should you choose to edit the book yourself.  And if you should happen to get any errors during the publishing process, I will work with you to fix them at no additional charge.

Got a really short book?  Novellas and short stories are all the rage, so if you have a book that’s less than 20,000 words, I’ll consider formatting it for a reduced price.

Turnaround Time:  Most books can be completed within a week, but I will inform you of my current schedule and set an expected completion date when you submit your project.  If you need your project done on a certain date, contact me with as much advance as possible and I would be happy to block off a specific week for you.  I cannot guarantee a specific completion date without advance warning, but I will consider rush projects for an extra charge.  Please note that certain projects with intensive formatting will take longer to complete.

If you’re interested and want to see some of my work, follow the links below to check out some of the books I’ve formatted. Ready to strike a deal? Email me: [email protected]

Some paperbacks I’ve formatted:

Radialloy_cover_second_editionWIHBAC frontAMightyFortressBookCoverStardog frontPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00011]RedSunBlueEarth-FrontCoverSupervillain Book1FrontCaveat of Penitent coverAHandfulofFlowers

Some ebooks I’ve formatted:

APurpleandGoldAfghanFindingCoreStoryFinalRadialloy_cover_second_editionRedSunBlueEarth-FrontCoverBook2FrontCaveat of Penitent coverAHandfulofFlowersAMightyFortressBookCover

Copyright notice: The final formatted product will remain your sole property, but I reserve the right to use short excerpts as examples of my work.  I also reserve the right to use the same fonts and similar styles in other projects, although I will never directly copy an exact design.  At my discretion I may insert a line crediting me as the interior designer into your book’s copyright page.  This can be removed, and your book withheld from being used as an example of my work, upon request.  Disclaimer: I have no restrictions on the content of the books I format. I don’t need to read it to format it, so I don’t need to know what’s in there. As such, I do not claim to endorse the books I format; some of them I haven’t even read. I will not, however, format books that have explicit or graphic pictures in the interior or on the cover, or that have excessive foul language in the title, chapter headings, back cover copy, or other prominent place. I also reserve the right to refuse to format any book for any reason at my discretion.